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Cylinder Head - GM LS1 V8
Part Number: 10281293
Engine Type: GM LS1 V8
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Cylinder Head - GM LS1 V8

Combustion chamber 64cc

Intake runner 210cc

Exh Runner 82cc

Intake Valve Dia. 2.020"

Exh Valve Dia. 1.60"

Valve Stem Dia. 0.316"

Valve Stem Material Maganese Bronze

These castings feature a revised increased flow intake port design that must have appropriate sealant used on the factory rocker arm bolts to avoid vacuum leaks through the valve covers. Late model larger valve design requires the use of 2.02” intake and 1.60” exhaust valves.

Pushrod length must be checked prior to running as with piston to valve clearance.

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